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Apparently it’s not working for me…

Saturday, October 29th, 2016

This comes across my radar every once-in-awhile.  Here’s yet another recent article from the Independant which talks about caffeine and cognitive health.

I first came across this research all the way back in 2008 from this Slashdot post. According to a BBC article, regular doses of caffeine may actually help prevent dementia, as shown in experiments on rabbits.

And this is all well and good, but what I want to know is what is science doing to protect us from what are apparently marauding bands of demented super rabbits?

I think I need more coffee.


Child prodigy Adora Svitak on Growing Better Adults

Monday, April 5th, 2010

She’s twelve.

Three Sides to Every Story

Wednesday, February 24th, 2010

Unable to open web project ‘xyz’…

Thursday, June 4th, 2009

Okay, so I’m working on project in Visual Basic.NET.  Using Visual Studio 2003.  And it’s really, really bad code.

You there, stop snickering!

Anyway, the point of this post is that, if you see the above error, it probably has to do with a bad path in your .sln file pulled down via SVN or other.  Open it in Notepad and change:

Project("{F184B08F-C81C-45F6-A57F-5ABD9991F28F}") = "IPTV", "http://localhost/somepath/IPTV.vbproj", "{AD96074E-13E6-47B2-8B61-14FCE9EE9377}"
ProjectSection(ProjectDependencies) = postProject

to resemble how you configured IIS.

Bacon Flavored Toothpicks

Tuesday, May 19th, 2009

This is genius.


Because the tonkatsu doesn’t have to end with the cabbage.

My Dickens URL

Friday, May 1st, 2009

Occasionally people complain that the URL for this blog is difficult to remember. So I’ve gone ahead and created a Dickens URL:

From Great Expectations. I’m sure everyone remembers this quote.

Please update your bookmarks.

Chimpanzee Riding on a Segway

Tuesday, March 17th, 2009

The Walmart Virus

Thursday, March 5th, 2009

My Gods, can nothing stop it?!


Quick, somebody call Bruce Willis!

Nokia N95 Soft and Hard Resets

Wednesday, February 11th, 2009

When in doubt, reboot. Nokia’s reset codes are pretty easy to remember if you use the “RES” and “RST” mnemonics.

Soft reset code: *#7370# (*#RES0#)
Hard reset code: *#7780# (*#RST0#)

This is Epoch

Sunday, February 8th, 2009

Literally. I was just alerted to this site here:

As you can see, in less than five days the Epoch time will reach 1234567890.  Ephoch time is, of course, POSIX time, a popular time-keeping method for Unix which is measured in the number of seconds that have passed since the POSIX clock started virtually ticking at midnight on January 1, 1970 (not including leap seconds).

I hereby call on all geeks everywhere to begin immediate global Epoch time party mobilization.   We’re gonna party like it’s 915148800!!

Or, well technically we’re going to party like it’s 915148800 + 319419090 plus or minus some leap seconds.  Which happens to also be this coming Friday the thirteenth.  Which might be unlucky except that it falls before Valentine’s day in the year of the Bull, so…

Er.. Nevermind, just get some booze and spread the word.