Silver Primer

Some friends were recently asking why I was so enamored with silver. This is one of the best primers that I’ve seen:

Note that JP Morgan et al.’s ongoing criminal activity in the paper silver market is just coming to light now. If the CFTC can ever get reform pushed through, silver’s current bull is likely to don a jet pack.

Ignore the media nonsense about precious metals being in a bubble right now. There will be a bubble yes, but only after the current bond bubble bursts. Which may be soon: Peter Schiff was pointing out yesterday that the bond market is finally starting to show weakness and that mining stocks, many of which have hardly moved despite the ongoing precious metals bull run, are showing some life.

When the precious metals bubble does start to inflate for real, it’s going to dwarf the current run. Look for $5,000 gold, and crazy movements in silver.

Look for things to heat up from the New Year.

Origins of the Tea Party

Before it was co-opted by a bunch of far right Republican nonsense, Sarah Palin, and various and sundry RINOs, the kernel of the Tea Party emerged from legitimate outrage over massive and ongoing fiscal corruption. Karl Denninger explains:

But is the party really over? I’m not so sure. There’s a Tea Party event being held next Saturday the 12th at Fanueil Hall; a deliberate attempt to restore some respectability to the movement. Speakers are of a decidedly non-Palin-esque persuasion, including Peter Schiff and Creature from Jekyll Island author G. Edward Griffin.

Going to check it out.