Fix a Blue Screen of Deathing X60s Thinkpad

xxcool.jpgI’m back in Tokyo after another week-plus in India where my X60s Thinkpad spent most of its time barfing up blue screen memory errors.

I’d seen this occasionally back in Boston and had been concerned that a bad memory chip was at fault. Nope. It’s the heat.

Here in Tokyo its almost as hot as India and I’ve got the same problem, unless I plug in this neat little portable notebook cooler I picked up. (Its really just a cheesy Chinese knockoff of the Jetart Xcool brand, but its compact and gets the job done. Let’s hope its not painted with lead…)

Intersecting Categories in WordPress

The default behavior of WordPress is to pull the union of multiple categories rather than the intersection. So, for example, ?cat=3,4 will show all items tagged to categories three and four. I think most people would expect this to be the reverse.

iSusi from Korea has a nice little plugin to fix this. InterCat sets the default behavior to generate, without additional joins, intersected category lists. Great for using WordPress to publish select streams of data to different sites.

Also of note: Olivier CrĂȘte’s Intersect Plugin

Finding HTML Stuff with Regular Expressions

Following-up my post [cref 69], here’s what I used it for:


This is an excellent way to find a chunk of HTML with regex. It finds specific table rows containing either “String1” or “String2”, regardless of linefeeds, carriage returns, or other nefarious forms of whitespace.

Adapted from one of the more simple incarnations in Steve Levithan’s post about evolving a regex to find innermost HTML elements. Could be more complete and/or efficient.. but at least this one is fairly easy (kinda) to understand.